Wholesale System

A solution that’s fast, flexible and at a fraction of the cost.
Create sticky customers with a marketing-ready solution.
Easy content management, order and report.
Easily integrated into retail, CRM.
Control your inventory.
Sales commission report
Support multiple price for retail/wholesale customer.
Support multiple warehouse.
Invoice, credit note, statement.
Product list
Shopping cart
Customer register
Place order
Supplier Management
Supplier info
Supplier profit rate
PO management
Warehouse Management
Product management
Customer management
Order management
Invoice management
Payment management
BI Report
Product report
Order report
Customer report
Sales report

Packing system

Gain greater visibility into your operations and workforce to help reduce labor inefficiencies, raise overall performance, and improve accuracy.
Schedule and manage inbound shipments, cross-docking, and flow-through allocations.
Manage dock appointments and improve dock efficiency.
Reduce inventory costs with real-time inventory visibility, increased warehouse accuracy and lower safety stock levels.
Improve labor productivity with system directed activities.