1. Click ‘Order List’ button on the top of the page, or on the left navigation bar, access to the order page.

2. Search order by key words, status, created time,the results can be shown in separate pages, or all in one page if you check the 'View all' box.

3. The orange order status can be clicked to sort orders. For example, click 'Status' the orders with same status will be sorted together; click 'Paid', the orders with same payment status will be sorted together. Click again, then sorted by inverted order.

4. The new order can be added by clicking the '+' button. The more detailed instruction of how to add new order, click here.

5. Each company name can be clicked to see the details.

6. Some order information (with orange color) can be edited in order page. But not all of the order information can be edit in this page, if you want to modify more information about order, you should follow step 6.

7. The function of the right three buttons is to edit order, transfer order to invoice and duplicate order respectively. The more detailed instruction of how to edit order, click here.