This customer order list page can be accessed from Step 6 (Check the order history of this customer) of Customer Homepage.

In this example, we list all the order for the customer, whose customer name is 'A2', company name is 'A2', and the mobile number is '3872652'.

1. Search the order of this customer by key words, status, created time, all the orders that meet the selected criteria of this customer will be shown in this page. The results can be shown in separate pages or all in one page if you check 'view all' box.

2. The orange customer order status can be clicked to sort customer orders. For example, click 'Paid' the customer order with same payment status will be sorted together. Click again, then sorted by inverted order.

3. The new order can be added for this customer by clicking the '+' button. 

4. Some order information (with orange color) can be edited in customer order page. 

5. The three buttons is for managing each customer order, their functions are:

  • Edit this order;
  • Transfer this order to invoice;
  • Duplicate this order