STEP 1 Attribute & Brand Management

1. Navigate to 'Category' >> 'Attribute', then comes the attribute management page.

2.  Edit product attribute key. Product brand can be set as one of the attribute keys if you need.

3. For each product attribute key, you can add several attribute value to it


**** There's some useful functions you may want to know ***

The "+" buton is for adding. The "X" button is for deleting. Each attribute key and attribute value can be dragged to order them.





STEP 2 Set Attribute for Each Product

Go to product edit page. The product edit page can be accessed from Step 4 (add product) and Step 6 (edit product) of Product Homepage.

The Attributes in STEP 1 will show at this page. There's one box for each attribute value and  you can check the right one to exhibite it on the front-end product page.

You MUST click 'Submit' to save the changes after finishing editing.