Part A    Insert Attachment  (Images, Videos and Files) to Article or Product Description

1. You need to upload the attachment before you use it in your website.

Navigate to 'system config' >> 'Attachment' on left navigation bar. Then click '+' button to add attachment.


Choose the category for the attachment, then choose files from your computer and upload.

Insert title and other information.

2. Insert Attachment to Article or Product Description

You provide an example of how to insert picture to description.

Go to descripton edit page, put the cursor in the proper position, then click 'Insert picture' button.


On pop up page, you need to browse server and choose the picture you want.

Then set the width, height, border etc to adjust picture.

If you want the picture to be full width, you can put '100%' on 'Width' and 'Height'.

Click 'OK' in the end.


Once you press 'OK', the picture is shown on the page now.

Don't forget press 'Submit' to save the changes.








Part B    Insert URL link to Article or Product Description

1. Seclet the text and click 'Insert link' button.


2. Insert URL link on the pop-up page. Then press 'OK'

You can also choose file on server, then it will link to the file.