STEP 1         Add or Edit the Category for the Article

You need to set the proper category before you add the the product description

Navigate to 'Category' >> 'Category' on left navigation bar.

The type of category level 1 should be 'Product'.

The position for category level 1 can be top or bottom, depends on your requirment. Normally, we put product category level 1 on top. You can also add category level 2 and category level 3 if you need.





STEP 2 Add or Edit the Product

Navigate to 'Product' >> 'Product' on left navigation bar, or just click 'Product' on top navigation bar.

Click '+' button to add product or 'Edit Product' to edit article.


Choose the category for the product.


Edit product description. You can attachment in 'Attachment' area. Edit description in 'Description' area or 'Mobile Description' area. 

You can adjust the format and add pictures, videos, attached files, tables, links to the article.

We provide a example on how to Insert URL link and Attachment (Images, Videos and Files) to Article or Product Description, you can click and view.