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Bulk payment

Customers’ paying a number of invoices in one bulk payment is common. Using Matricle you can deal with bulk payment at once, instead of having to go through each invoice.

Built-in email

The built-in email feature allows you to send emails through the system, without having to go to your own email client.

Automated statement

The system can be configured to automatically send statements to customers on a monthly basis.

Automated Invoicing

Manual invoicing is time-consuming and error-prone. Automated invoicing reduces administrative time and streamlines your billing process.
What is more, the system-generated invoices are separate from sales orders, which avoids potential accounting problems that may arise from a system that treats sales orders as invoices.

Choose your way to deal with prepayment

The system offers two efficient ways to deal with customers’ prepayment:

  • The prepayment can be listed on the invoice, or
  • The prepayment can be treated as a credit to the customer’s account.

Depending on customers’ preferences, you can either use the invoice function or the credit function to deal with prepayment.

Flexible refund method

The system offers two options to deal with refunds to allow customers some flexibility:

  • Process refund as money returned to the customer, or
  • Process refund as credit to the customer account.

Automated Credit Processing

After the returns form is generated, the credit will be automatically applied to the customer account and appear on the system generated statement and invoice, which eliminates the need to manually process the credit.


The bookkeeping function allows you to record your business’s overhead costs (e.g. administrative expenses, travel costs – you name it!), while the sales revenue that occurs via the system is automatically noted.

Invoice Report

The invoice report provides an overview of the total number of paid and outstanding invoices and the amount of credit within any specified period.
The report also highlights the overdue invoices and how long they are past the due dates.

Payment Report

The payment report reveals weekly or monthly trends in payments received within a specified period of time, as well as showing a breakdown of payments by paying method (for example, by cash, bank transfer or EFTPOS).