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Maximize warehouse efficiency improve inventory turnover

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Consistently track inventory records


Detailed visibility into key inventory control


Improve your shelf confidence

Easily manage customer price groups

Using Matricle to manage different price groups is a breeze.

Before login, all customers see retail prices; after login, customers see the price tier associated with their account type.

Product bundling

It can be a bit tricky to calculate the cost and stock of products sold in a bundle, as compared to products sold individually.

View your purchase History

If you do not have a systematic record of the product price you last purchased, it would be hard to compare your purchase prices.

Matricle not only displays your previous purchase price when you place orders but also has a search function that enables you to view the purchase history of a specific product.

View your sales history

Have you ever encountered problems in finding out

  • a. the price at which you sold a certain product, and
  • b. the customer who received this price?

Matricle allows you to search for historic transactions based on a certain product, whereby you can easily find out who bought the product at what time.

Track your inventory details

Matricle is designed to let you know the ins and outs of your inventory, including the stock changes, and purchase and sales history.

Save time with bulk updating

Matricle saves you the trouble of updating the cost or stock item-by-item.

Understand your sales trends

year-on-year, month-on-month, increase, decrease;
monthly sales volume at the touch of a button, Matricle produces a range of meaningful statistics about product sales, including

 Product sales trend

 Best-selling products

 Product month-on-month


How can I know the sales trend of a certain product within a period of time?

Click the reporting function and the product you are interested in and then you will see the sales trend within any specified time period.

Some products are sold individually and in a bundle as well. How to work out the cost and inventory of such products?

The package selling function is designed specifically for this situation. The system will calculate the cost and inventory of products whether they are sold on their own or as part of a bundle. Refer to the "Package Selling Function" for details.

How to look up the sales record and price for a certain product?

Click the “product function” button and then “sales order” to view the sales record.

How to look up the historical purchase orders for a certain product?

Click the “product function” button and then “purchase order” to view the record of previous purchase orders.

I have my own e-commerce website and want to stick to it. How will my website display inventory if I do not use your system-provided e-commerce site?

Our inventory system integrates with third-party websites so that your own website can display real-time inventory data.

How many products can fit into the system?

Theoretically, the system can support an unlimited number of products.