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Improve packing efficiency, track all your orders from end-to-end.

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Separate Packer Portal

Matricle provides an independent portal for your warehouse employees who are responsible for packing products.
The portal not only shows packers the items waiting to be packed and shipped but also logs each individual’s work, which means it is effortless to track who packed what and when.

Only approved gets shipped

Packers will only be able to see the orders approved by people with authority for packing and shipment.

This streamlines the packaging process and prevents potential mistakes of shipping unapproved items.

Barcode scanning prevents shipping errors

It is not surprising to see mistakes in packing and shipping, but Matricle provides you with a system that makes every shipment efficient and accurate.

Packers can either click the dispatch button (without having to print out the packing slip) or scan the barcode on the printed packing slip to start the process.

Then they just need to scan each product to let the system check whether the right type and number of items have been picked. The system will give audiovisual cues to the packers if mistakes occur.
This can effectively minimize human errors in picking, packing, and shipping.


Does the system support barcode scanning when packers dispatch orders?

Yes, packers can scan to pick up products to be shipped, which minimizes human errors and improves efficiency.