Matricle Help Center

Company settings

Select "System config" -> "Company Setting"

  • Fill in the information, and click the submit button.
  • Note: The Bank Account will be shown on the invoice.

1. Basic company info. (required)

Company Name Required Company name 
GST Number Required Company GST Number.
Website   Company webiste domian. 
Contact Email Required Company contact email. 
Tel Required Company office tel.
Fax   Company fax
Address Required Company address 
Bank Account Required Company bank account No. 


2. Company Logo Setting

3. Company email setting. (required)

  • Note:If your email is google mail, jump to Gmail Setting
  • Note:If it is not google mail, please go to the corresponding official website to check its SMTP.
  • For eaample: Hotmail (Most of the SMTP server names for hotmail are
Sending Mail Required System outbox.
Sending Mail SMTP Required Email smtp protocal.  for example: 
Sending Mail Password Required Email password. 
Sending Mail subject Required Email default subject 
SendingMail CC   Defalut CC, ';' for multiple emails.. for example: [email protected];[email protected]
Order mail template   Default mail template when system sends sales order email to customers. 
Invoice mail template   Default mail template when system sends  invoice email to customers. 
Statement mail template   Default template when system send statement email to customers. 
Overdue mail template   Default  mail template when system sends statment email to overdue customers.