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Freight settings

1. How to track your parcels?

1.1 Select "System config" > "Company Setting" -> "Shipping"

1.2 Fill Shipping tracking URL with the courier you selected. Using {TrackingNumber} to repalce real tracking number.

      For example:{TrackingNumber}

After tracking number filled in sales order, customer can click it to get trancking info. (Sereral tracking numbers can be connected with ',' .)





Select "System config" -> "Freight"

Name Required Freight name.
Base Weight Required Minimum weight
Base Price Required Minimum price
Unit Weight Required Unit weight
Unit Weight Price Required Unit Weight Price
Status Required Active or Cancelled 
Position   Sort by "position" ascending.
description   Freight description.



If package weight <= Base Weight,  fregith = Base Price;

if package weight > Base Weight,  freight = Base Price + (Package weight - Base weight ) / Unit Weight  * Unit Weight Price。


For example:  Base Weight = 2KG, Base price = $5, Unit weight=2 KG , Unit price =$4;

If package weight = 1KG, then freight = $5;

If package weight = 10KG,  then freight = $5 + (10KG-2KG)/2*4 = $21.