Matricle Help Center

Customer overview

Select "Customers" -> "Details" -> "Edit"

Customer ID Auto generated Unique, generated by system.
Account Email Required Customer default  inbox.
Contact Name Required Customer contact name.
Phone   Customer phone.
Mobile   Customer mobile.
Company Address Required Customer company address
Balance   Customer balance amount.
Overdue   Customer overdue amount.
Credit   Customer credit amount.(includes credit notes and unused payment.)
Memo   Customer memo.

Customer Group. Used for giving separate price to diffreent customer groups.

None select: When customers login website, products price will be default price.

Selected: When customers  login website, products price will be group price.

Payment Type Required

Cash sale: Customer invoice's defalut duedate will be the same day.  

Credit 7 days: Customer invoice's default duedate will be the 7 day.

Credit 14 days:  Customer invoice's default duedate will be the 14 day. 

Credit term: invoice default date will be the  20 next month. 

GST-No.   Customer GST number.
Website   Customer website

Default value: 1. Sales Order amount = Total amount * Discount.

For example: products amount is $12.00, Freight is $5.00, discount is 0.9, Total amount = (12.00+5.00)*0.9=15.3

Email Time   Last email time to customer.
Create Time   Create time.
Modify Time   Modify time.
Login Email   Website login email.
Password   Website login password.
Status Required Active or In-active.
Shipping attention   Shipping attention.
Shipping Phone   Shipping phone.
Shipping Address   Shipping address.