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Category settings

Select "Category" -> "Category" -> "Edit"

ID Auto generated Unique, generated by system.
Image   Add category Images
Name(Unique) Required Unique category name
Status Required

top: the category will show on the top navigation;

hidden: the category will be hidden; 

bottom: the category will show on the bottom navigation;

other: Articles or products in this category can only be found by searching

Seo Keywords   Search engine optimization keywords
Seo Description   Search engine optimization description


There are three levels of categories

eg. Computer(Category Level 1) -> Laptop(Category Level 2) -> Apple Macbook(Category Level 3)


To add Category Level 1

1. Enter required field and click "+" button to save.

2. Select the "Category" you just added, click gear button, select "edit".

3. Select a position in “Status”. Click here to see what each position means.

4. Drag arrow icon to sort position.


To add Category Level 2 

1. Select the Level 1 Category to which you want to add subcategories.

2. Enter required fields to add new Level 2 category on the right.

3. Click "choose file" to add corresponding images.


To add Category Level 3

Same method as above