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Product overview

Select "Products" -> "View all" -> "Details"

Note: Product price priority to customer: Promotion price( if > 0) -> Group price (If customer group selected) -> Default price.

Product ID Auto generated Unique, generated by system.
Category   Product category
Product Name Required The name of the product shown on website.
Sub name 1   Product sub name 1, displayed under the product name
Sub name 2   Product sub name 2, displayed under the sub name 1
Invoice Description   Product invoice description.
ETA   Estimated time of arrival
MPN   Manufacturer Part Number
Code(unique) Unique Product code.
Location   Product storage location in warehouse.
Unit   Product unit, eg. piece, bottle
Weight(KG) KG Product weight.
Volume(L,W,H)cm cm Product  volume.(eg. 100,300,100)
Position   Display order of products(ascending)
Sold Num   Product sales quantity
Click Num   The number of clicks of the product on website.
Create Date   Product creation date
Modify Date   The last modification date of the product
Default Image   Product main photo
Slider Image   Product detail photo
Default Price   Default product price.
Promotion Price   Product promotional price. Product will use promotion price when it is greater than 0.
Group Price   Product group price(Customizable)
Last purchase price   Last product purchase price
Last exchange rate   Exchange rate of last product purchase
Last exchange   Exchange amount of last product purchase (converted into NZD)
Actual cost   The actual cost( purchase price plus the additional cost)
Weighted Average Cost   The weighted average cost of products which are stored in warehouse.
Available Stock   Available stock for sale
Presell Stock   Products quantity that have been sold or ordered.
Warning Stock   Warning stock is adviced stock level.
Expired Date   Expiration date of a product (, drink)
Status   online, offline, no longer for sale
Allow to buy online when out of stock   Whether customer can buy a product which is out of stock.
Show on website list   Whether product shows on product list page.
Combined   Combined product; Accessoriy; No.
Summary   Summary is the product information, displayed under the product name
Description   Product description
Specifications   Product specifications
SEO Keywords   Keywords of search engine optimization
SEO Description   Description of search engine optimization
Text2   Internal information, not public
Text3   Internal information, not public
Text4   Internal information, not public
MOQ   minimum order quantity. for example: if MOQ is 12, customer can only buy 12, 24,36... for this product.